Different Things To Change Up This Summer


Summer is coming fast and it is something we are all looking forward to, there is excitement in the air and we are going to appreciate it so much more after last year. We weren’t able to have garden parties, meet up with friends and enjoy the little things. Some of us didn’t even see our family. So this year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. We are going to laugh too much, spend time with our loved ones as much as possible and embrace everything that summer has to offer.

When we are thinking about changing things up in summer there are lots of different things you can try. The first thing you cannot try is to reduce meat consumption, now this doesn’t seem like a summer change, however, meat is consumed a lot more in the summer due to barbecues. There are more people than ever going vegan and vegetarian and it’s becoming a very popular diet. So why not embrace the change and give some meat alternatives a try. There are so many these days and there are even vegan butchers so there is something for everyone and then when you have barbecues everyone can be catered for.

One of the ways you look to do this summer is to embrace typical summer fashion. This doesn’t have to be the top trends that we are expecting to see, it can be the classic and out there patterned shirts. You can get some amazing Gitman vintage designs that will really make you stand out from the crowd. If you do want to look for the trends we seem to be cycling a lot of older fashion thinking very much of the friend's era. The fashion is a lot more basic but it’s more about quality over quantity.

Come away from the digital side of photos this Summer, go for good old-fashioned printed photos. We take so many photos and just leave them on our phones and never really do much with them again. They are our memories and our loved ones, they are the smiles and laughs you shared and something that makes your heart happy. So instead of just having them on your phone, get them printed, put them in frames or pin them to an empty space on the wall. Then whenever you go past them you will remember the amazing summer and feel the happiness you felt all over again.

The last thing you can look to do this summer is to look after yourself. So often we look after our other halves, our kids, our parents, and everyone else before we even think to look after ourselves. It is important to take time out to focus on yourself, practice self-care, have a pamper, focus on the positives in life and what you are grateful for. One of the other things you can do to really change things up is to buy yourself a gift. It is something we never do and something that we all should do.

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