What These 4 Current Style Trends Are Telling Us

Trends come and go and each one of them leaves a small imprint on us. We register certain looks in our minds, go back to them periodically and enjoy the process of rediscovering them. Each look or style trend has been born out of someone’s thinking. It hasn’t just emerged. Someone has put some thought into the kinds of things they want to wear, why they are better than other styles and why you should support that style too. This can be seen in every style magazine, every runway, every designer’s studio. It's interesting to know what is behind the trends we are seeing now because the more you understand about the thought process behind the looks and style, the more you’ll feel comfortable following the trend.


Have you noticed more and more women wearing headscarves? This type of fashion grew in the 50s and 60s and it gave the wearer a sleek impression. It was really a practical piece of clothing because women back then would wear a headscarf while working. It was also worn while women had rollers in their hair to keep the shape of the base as they wanted. Now, however, it's being worn with t-shirts, denim jackets, and even in bikinis on the beach. 

The best thing about headscarves is, it's incredibly versatile. It can come in intricate patterns, floral motifs, bold block colors, letters, animal prints and more. This means it can be styled with literally any outfit that you would wear for a casual outing. Mix things up by wearing dangle earrings, while putting the headscarves in a loose knot or bow tie for that chic look. The classic headscarf look goes well with sunglasses and a necklace. It kind of completes the package look of a rebel, sweetheart and mystery in one.


The yellow bag?

Why is the yellow bag returning? It's kind of strange because yellow was out for a long time but suddenly, we want it back like a long-lost puppy. The reason seems to be, bigger, bolder, brighter is just better. Due to the recent darkness of the world, we want a splash of vibrancy again and although wearing yellow might be a step too far for some women, a yellow handbag is not. 

A monochromatic practical accessory, it can be a timeless piece that you can wear in urban, suburban and rural areas without looking out of place. It's a good idea to offset the yellow with a darker color to give it that ‘it makes sense’ look. You don’t want to wear a purple dress with a yellow handbag do you? Light denim jeans, boots, white t-shirt, black jacket, a fedora, sunglasses, a golden chain shell necklace and a yellow handbag. That’s a look that is powerful, confident and bold.

Shaggy bright hair

Why is every other girl walking down the street, with shaggy, faded colored hair? It's something that has taken off and it seems like it goes well with a certain look this type of person likes. It's the unique trendsetter, someone who doesn’t read fashion magazines and doesn’t care for what a celebrity is wearing or even doing. This type of person just wants to be unique, they want to do what they feel looks best on them and expresses their personality. These are some of the colors that are popular right now.

  • Green. Who would have thought that green hair would be popular but it is, and it can be worn with black and white outfits superbly well.

  • Faded bleach. A white-beige color that has a faded look. The hair looks kind of dry but very light, and casual outfits like denim jeans, crop tops, jackets and shorts go well with this look.

  • Pink. as you might have seen at music concerts, artists, and trendy urban sorts, pink hair is coming back. It's kind of rebellious, girly and totally out of the blue. 

However, sometimes your plans for a bright color might go a bit south. If you find that your hair is too bright then you can use a color corrector. This is what many women are using to get the exact shade they want. This is what to expect from hair color correction. The hair can be made lighter, darker or faded. If you want your roots to be one shade but the ends to be another, using a color corrector is the best way to go about this. You have more control as well, so make your own look.

Shirt and jacket = ‘shacket’

The recent trend of shirt jackets has gone around the world. The design is that of a lumberjack shirt that has been made thicker and often out of wool or cotton. The real name is the brushed plaid ‘shacket’ which is a hybrid of the plaid shirt and a bomber jacket. The current trend can also use heavier flannel shirts that bulk up the jacket into a coat. This can be worn with just a t-shirt and some flared trousers. Along with some boots, and a handbag, it's the country girl in the city look. Since the cuffs are long and the jacket is heavier, maybe wearing jewelry with this look isn’t that effective.

Jeans would go well with this look, but mostly, we see women wearing joggers with this outfit. After all, it's laid back, casual, easy and designed for comfort. This is so important nowadays. Feeling comfortable in what you wear without having to worry about looking good, is the newest and best trend out there. 

These trends are telling us that it's okay to venture out into new territory without the need to impress anyone. Fashion and style are now focussing on items that make us feel good before we care about the look. Bright hair colors, shackets, boots, joggers and bold yellow handbags are just some of the things we have noticed. Let’s hope there’s more to come this year. 

*Collaborative Post

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