Dating After a Bad Breakup


When you’ve been through a bad breakup and had your heartbroken, you can feel like you never want to date again, but chances are, after a suitable period of mending your broken heart, you will feel open to letting someone in again.

When that happens, you will understandably be anxious about dating again, and it may be difficult for you to put yourself out there, but the following tips may help you to do so in a healthy way that will hopefully enable you to find happiness again…

Be positive

Having a positive mindset may be tricky when you’ve been hurt in the past, but if you can make an effort to be open to the possibility of dating success, it will definitely make a positive difference to the experiences you have. If you feel like it’s possible for your dating efforts to be a success, it is much more likely that they will be!

Think about what you want

When it comes to dating, there are bever any guarantees in life, but if you think very carefully about what you do and do not want in a partner, your likes and dislikes, then you can be much more careful about who you choose to make a connection with, and thus, much more likely to find a decent match for you.

Take it slow

You don’t have to jump both feet into dating again after a tough breakup and doing so might actually hurt more than it heals. It’s perfectly fine, and sensible to take things slow. Maybe start by flirting on Tinder or talking to a few potentials on phone chats and only when you feel totally comfortable, consider meeting in person. There is no rush and the right person will not try to push you into more before you are ready for it.

Check-in with yourself

It's early days, so be sure to check in on yourself regularly to see how you feel about dating. If it’s still very hard and things don’t feel right, it’s fine to take more time out to heal. It might be a cliche, but there really are more fish in the sea so you don’t need to be in the dating game right now if it is not the right thing for you.

Have fun with it

You’ve just had your heartbroken, so why not take time out to have some fun? Instead of looking at every person you meet as being the person you want to spend your whole life with, look at them to see if they would be a fun person to hang out with and if it leads to more so be it. Basically, do not set your heart on finding the one right away and you won’t be disappointed, but you might just have a great time putting yourself out there and meeting lots of interesting new people.

Dating can be tough, especially when you’ve had a bad breakup, but you can do it when you’re ready and you can find love again! 

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