Preparing Your Summer Wardrobe For 2022


Now that the warmer weather is on its way, many of us are starting to ditch our winter coats for something a little more breathable, even if the sun hasn’t quite shown its face too much yet. Now is a great time to begin preparing our summer wardrobes for 2022, in order to make the most of the natural opportunities shining our way.

This year it’s all about color and the willingness to express ourselves, given that the last two years have mostly prevented us from doing exactly that. If you can prepare your summer wardrobe in this way, then you’ll be able to mix and match styles depending on your mood, and of course, always bring radiance with you no matter where you go.

It might be that due to a lack of constant socialization these last two years, the novelty of your wardrobe has worn a bit thin, and new investments need to be made. In this post, let’s discuss a few worthwhile means of grounding your wardrobe from the bottom up:

Accessorize Up!

It’s healthy to accessorize up to the degree that you can, bit by bit. This might involve adding some neutral jewelry, trying a new tone, or purchasing yourself one accessory you’ll wear over the course of a summer, such as a beautiful watch with floral design or a hat that keeps your neck shaded. Small additions like this can help you theme your outfit or cause small changes in similar outfits to help you differentiate your wardrobe, as well as offer creative fun in this space in the best possible light.

Perfect Your Shoes

Perfecting your summer shoe collection can make sure that no matter what situation you’re in, event you’re invited to, or outfit you’re trying to complete, you’ll be able to finish it off with a great set of shoes. This might include opting for SAS shoes, switch are beautiful and durable, but it could also mean having older shoes of yours re-shined and repaired so that they sparkle brand new. A great pair of boots can benefit from this treatment. Also, don’t be afraid to purchase a few uncool but comfortable beach sandals - you never know when an impromptu vacation might be on the cards.

Consider 3 Formal Event Outfits

In order to prevent times when you 'have nothing to wear’ it can be nice to prepare three formal event outfits in advance. Of course, the spectrum of formality can be catered to here, rather than buying three evening gowns. This might involve the use of a comforting formal outfit you use to attend sports games, such as an over the shoulder cardigan and re-lacing trousers, or it might include a dress you can wear on those breezy summer evenings depending on your tastes. At the very least, having these three to hand can make sure that no matter what you’re invited to ahead of time, you at least have one item you can wear with confidence.

With this advice, we believe you’ll prepare your summer wardrobe in the best possible way in 2022 and beyond.

*Collaborative Post

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