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Lately I can't get enough of gold jewelry. Its all I have been wearing. Then I came across this adorable line of jewelry and I fell in love with their pieces.


Compliment - a handmade line of jewelry from Northern California. They believe words matter & they want you to feel good so each piece comes packaged with something inspiring on it....or as they would say a compliment...get it? ha ha....

I was obsessed instantly with the piece once I opened the box. The gold was beautiful and the black jewels sparkled. But what I loved even more was the clasp.....I know that sounds silly but to me thats an essential part of any jewelry - how easily you can get it on & if it's going to stay on or if its going to break quickly. Check out this fabulous clasp ---->>>

Besides necklaces Compliment makes a wide variety of jewelry all packaged with a compliment. They have earrings, bracelets, ring & even stationary...& it's seriously so freaking adorable. They are the perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

The necklace I got is called the Kindness Necklace & you get to chose what type of jewel or bead you want. Of course I picked black but I seriously loved all the colors to chose from.

I really liked wearing this necklace with some other gold necklaces I have to create a layered effect. It has a really good length and spices up my plain gold chains I paired it with.

And because today is your lucky day Compliment is giving away one of the Kindness Necklaces with your choice of color jewels to one lucky messy reader!!

SO good luck lovers 

& seriously consider purchasing something for someone you love from Compliment for the upcoming holiday season..it will brighten their day! 

& before I go the winner of the Lincoln Street Boutique Giveaway is Samantha George!!! Congrats girl!! 

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I am off to Maui for a week so see you when I get back! 


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Something Infinitely Interesting said...

soo cute! i want one!

Samantha Curtis said...

Adorbs! Either amethyst for my birthstone or clear sparkle :)

molly cipolla said...

id want pearl :)

Chelsee W said...

I love this! This is too cute!

Hayley! said...

Such a great idea! Beautiful jewelry and adorable packaging!

Andrea Darst said...

Tough choice between teal and lavendar

Kelly Donlin said...

They are really pretty, thanks for the giveaway Kel!

Sparkles and Shoes

Charmaine Sylvia said...

Really like how they incorporate an encouraging message in their pieces

My-cliffnotes said...

Love that necklace and wished I was in Maui with you!

Cassandra Too said...

The accessories are cute! Love the necklace.

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Cassandra | Backtofive

kartsie said...

Love this necklace, I'll definitely be checking out this site! And luckkkky you're going/went to Maui! I'm guessing you're back now since this post is from a couple weeks ago, did you spend Thanksgiving there? My dads family is all in Oahu, I miss it so much, we're going this summer! I hope you had a wonderful time and a great Thanksgiving!


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