southern-belle TAKEOVER

Do not adjust your monitors....
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.
This is going to be a legit southern-belle take over here, y'all!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was that Ms. Kelly asked me to guest blog for her while she is soaking up the sun on her little vacay.
I know you're sitting there thinking, WHO is this little blonde country bumpkin?

The name's Jess, aka: The Kentucky Priss

and on most days you can find me over HERE
But today, I'm taking over Kelly's blog and you can love it or leave it.

I'd prefer you love it.


there I is.

Being that Kell's from duh west and I's from southeast I thought

it would be fun to SOUTHERNpimp her blog! hehehehe

It's about the only time I can get away with it, why not!!

I thought I would do a CONFESSIONAL - southern style.....

Here we go:
  1. I confess...I am the worlds worst cusser. It's true. I have always said "poop","fudge brownies", and "DAGGONE IT" It's not because I have a problem with cussing. MMmm No. To me, they're just harmless words, but if you heard me cuss you would crack up. It doesn't sound right and it's just not me.
2. My favorite kind of glass to drink out of, whether it be a mimosa, sweet tea, diet coke, WINE... is a mason jar. When I was younger, my mom canned {still does because my parents have a garden} and mom collects mason jars to put veggies in...as fast as she would wash one, I would be drinking out of it.

Exhibit A:

3. I am the gf who is known to start a "car bar" during girls night out/girls weekend/ or simply OR en route to a sporting event. ESP if I'm on the way to a sporting event. Once I'm there, I'm focused in on the game!

4. I am a southern belle and I am a baseball girl at that; however, my MLB is and always will be the Yankees. My dad and I are as thick as thieves and I am definitely "my father's daughter" Daddy likes the yankees, Jess liked the Yankees. I get the weirdest look when I tell people that the Yanks are my team.

5. I have a dog named Daisy May if that ain't southern, then I don't know what is

6. I once paid $350 dollars for cowboy boots, once being last year hahaha...but come summer time, they are just about all I wear with dresses #money'sworth

8. I didn't go out with a guy on a second date solely because he was a Duke fan. Game over. The SEC is taken pretty literally. Ok, and he might have chewed his food a little weird.

9. EVERYbody and I mean EVERYBODY well, unless you're a boy...is a "sissy" or "sissybelle"
To me, it's the best term of endearment for two girlfriends.

10. Do you know what really turns me on, like style wise in a guy? A guy who wears colored shorts in the summer time/button-up/and deck shoes......oh ....muh....gah. And has southern dra-wl :)

Exhibit B
Frat daddies. #fratty #tfm #sartorial #preppy

and Exhibit C

Frat stars haha

...how can you not love this style?

I know you're probably tired of reading about my love for all things southern so I will close this post with a one of my favorite quotes!



Have no fear, Kell-ay will be back veddy veddy soon!


Carolyn said...

Love this!! :) You're my FAVORITE southern "sissybelle". :)

P!nky said...

I <3 you sissybelle, so much fun. I love your boots too.

GO YANKEESS!!! and CATS! Holler!!!


P!nky said...

Oh and I'm your newest follower :)

Amanda said...

AHAHAHHAHHA I love it BEST blog takeover ever!!! I love Sissybelle! I will be implementing it now in duh west lol

The Salty Mermaid said...

You are so funny - I curse all the time to. I'm so bad about it. I try not to, then I slip up at the worse times.

Kell said...

I'm a fake cusser.. I have weird alternative words for all the real curses.

kathy said...

great post!
it was really interesting to read :)

Ashley said...

hahaha this was awesome. Jess you truly ARE SOOO southern!! I love it! Quintessential southern belle at its finest....and sassiest!!

Style-Delights said...

Ha ha ha this is too funny! I am not southern ( actually an immigrant from India -LEAGL y'all!) but lived in Virginia for 5 years, and loved the southern way of life!) Where you always 'fix' dinner, and kids call the neighbor 'Mr Firtname' and people smile when make eye contact!! I now live in New York and miss the warmth of Virginia terribly!! Thanks for the laughs! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
-Jyoti (honorary sissy belle)
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