feels good to get that off my chest....

Happy June & TGIF lovers! love 4 day weeks! thank you to everyone who entered my neon accessories giveaway! i will be picking the 2 winners next week! so today i have a few things to say so let's write some letters! I'm linking up with the lovely Ashley of Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters....its such a fun linkup & a good way to get stuff you've been thinking off your mind...go link up & join!

dear maxx: you really scared us last weekend, we all thought you were going to die...thank God you are alive & okay

dear suzie: i am beyond excited you're back in socal.....its been way to long

dear girls: when are we going to learn not  to go against each other, but join forces...could you imagine a world where there is no dumb girl drama & we all got along.....


dear oc housewives: even though i am not a fan of alexis, all of you were out of line for ganging up on her in Costa Rica...seriously this stuff needs to stop


dear ________: ( its blank because, well there are a few of you )...i don't understand why you find it necessary to constantly brag & post everywhere about getting wasted, i don't get it....


dear chantelle: #ihaveloveourtextingconvos #itsbeengreatgettingbackintouch #insidejokes #hashtag #hcolove #obsessed #teambangs #loveus #rapeeachothersfacebookwalls #hippyloveglitter 

dear September: you are so close i can feel it in my bones...( and mom if you're reading this, that's right I'm talking about September!!!) ....side note: sept-dec is my favorite time of the year

dear foul mouth: yes you!.. you right there typing this....clean it up! there is only so many times in a day you can say the F word....
dear skin: i am so badly wanting to ink you again...


dear hair: its weird but I've been thinking about adding some brown to you come September...not go full on brunette but like it was senior year of high school...


& lastly

dear blogger lovers & followers: i cannot express how much it means to me when you come by & comment on my posts...i am so thankful for all your positive support & i have enjoyed so much getting to know all of you


andddd today is exciting because its the very last installment of Kelly's Favorite Things, which means another GIVEAWAY...today I am giving away 4 Nail Polishes - 2 OPI and 2 ESSIE

however this time you have to go over to the fabulous Neely's blog A Complete Waste of Makeup to enter...

left to right:
"give me some coral sometime"
"fiercely fiona"
"to buy or not to buy"
"a crewed interest"

so what are you waiting for....go enter my giveaway!!  click HERE to enter!



Thomas Mundell said...

i love fridays letters. i could not agree with you more about the housewives. its like yeah maybe alexis is a bimbo and full of shit but it was so mean to gang up on her in costa rica, i felt really bad for her. i hope it was just planned by producers. and no honestly i could not imagine a world where there was no drama between girls, i really cant hahah

Shelley said...

I found you through the giveaway on Neely's blog! I'm from Southern Ca too! :)

Jan said...

Love these Friday Letter posts! Sometimes I wish I would remember to do them haha! Anyway, dear Kelly, I sent you an email. :)

I'm having a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

Leslie said...

LOVE your blog!! So happy you found me :)
I don't know where in southern CA you live but I am going to be in the Long Beach area for work at the end of June! Any suggestions where I should stay? I have only been to the LA/Hollywood area one time and fell in love with it! This time I think I want to try to see Newport Bch, Laguna Bch, etc... HELP!! Suggestions?!
Have a great weekend! xo

Whitney Alison said...

Thanx for the comment love! Strangely enough I have been finding myself longing for new ink as well...and I'm going lighter from being an all over dark brunette.

Truly Rachel said...

I'm glad I found this blog. As a new blogger, it's good to see genuine bloggers like you who aren't afraid to have fun, be a bit silly and look fabulous all at the same time. Thanks!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

Love the hashtag e-card! I can relate- too funny :) New follower too! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) enjoy your saturday!!!

hollyfoxen wells

Andrea said...

Love your letters! New follower and excited to read more!

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

Love your friday letters and I like the bits of brunette idea :)
New follower!
-Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty

Janna Renee said...

I work with all girls, and thankfully I have no drama, but I HATE watching others. It takes WAY to much energy to have problems. Hehe. I think you will look beautiful no matter what you do to your hair, but I think a little darker for Fall will be fun :)

Emily grapes said...

I'm with you on the girls banding together vs going against each other. I never can understand that.

And I dropped FB so don't have to read everyone's posts about partying or anything else overly dramatic and whiny. Its been nice not seeing all that!

Emily at Amazing Grapes

Anonymous said...

thanks for commenting on my blog!
i agree with foul mouth - ugh f bombs come out frequently.
totally going to try to win nail polish.. which i so adore!

Bonnie said...

I love all the Some E-cards pictures. They're so funny - especially the one about swear words. That's me.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Chicago Chic said...

Aw I love this post! I'm so glad that little max is ok!! He is sooo cute. I totally love that you watch the OC housewives. I'm currently loving the NYC housewives too!

PS. I think the necklace in my new post would look GORGEOUS on you!!

Antonia-Ivana said...

what a cool post! I like the idea of doing such a post.

Thank you very much for your nice comment.


sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Super cute dog! Great post.....

Jess said...

Haha! I love it! And while I do have a "fowl mouth" I try to keep it at home, not in public! I have also been wanting to get a tattoo very soon..... They are so addictive! Hope you had a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I love your wrist tattoo!

Holly said...

Seriously - girl drama is for the f-ing birds. I'm over it :)

I soooo badly want to ink my skin again too! I just figured out what I want and now I can't stop thinking about it!

I'm glad your pup is OK! I know how scary that stuff can be!

I'm always a fan of brunettes ;)

Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

Neely said...

Mean girls are the worst and girl drama is the worst! UGH! We all need to be nicer and remember we are on the same team haha!

Aimee L said...

I really think that man drama can be just as bad girl drama. Just watch the Bachelorette. That said, I agree that it's totally lame.

I LOL'ed at that curse word someecard.

I am going to tweet you something relating to the # at some point in the very near future. :)

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