show me your t*ts!

ok before i go into today's fashion post i have a funny story i just have to tell you...so i was driving home last night from work, sitting in traffic...i was just driving along listening to my music & enjoying my Starbucks cool lime refresher when i look to my right...& a piece of crap old grey car pulls up next me...there was a shaggy haired boy wearing big black sunglasses who looked about my age in the car....he looks at me & all of a sudden he holds up a sign in bold letters that reads "Show me your Tits!"..oh yes you read that right....i was dying of laughter..so much so that i accidentally spit my drink all over me...i looked at him, with my hand over my mouth still laughing & shook my head no...he then proceeded to point to the sign with a come on look...again I laughed while shaking my head no...clearly it wasn't gonna happen so he gave me the hang loose hand gesture & drove off into another lane looking for his next victim...i was still dying of laughter....only in California...

via....(not me or anyone i know)

ok moving on...so its no secret i love music. classic rock to be exact. i live for music. whether i am driving in my car, cleaning my room or at the office my music is always blasting....just to name a few of my favorites - The Beatles, Zeppelin, Crosby Seals & Nash, Hall & Oats, Elton John...i could go on. If you wanna hear more about my music OBSESSION you can check out this post HERE...

so have you seen the movie Almost Famous? well if not please stop reading this post & go rent it RIGHT THIS SECOND...you can thank me later....for those of you who have, penny lane - yeah I wish i was her..on top of me wishing i was a hippy, being a band groupie has always been a fantasy too...& not a groupie in toady's music, back in the 60s & 70s....

back in high school i was SO that girl who went to concerts all the time & followed all the underground bands...back in the day we called them EMO....some of my favs were Saves the Day, Julianna Theory, Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate (still my absolute favorite)...those kinda bands

 So a lot of my style & the looks i put together are inspired by that rocker look..i like to call it Rocker Chic ...i have a fun pinterest board dedicated to my love of rock & roll called I'm with the band....with inspirations to add some Rockto your outfits...

Top: Feel the Piece ::  Leggings: H&M :: Booties: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack :: Lace Bra: Urban Outfitters
Originally that was a top I got from a good friend of mine, but since I am such a shorty I decided to pair it with leggings & turn it into a tunic....I cannot tell you the amount of times I am shopping & a girl picks up a longer shirt & goes "what on earth would I wear with this?! its so long"....ladies, either tuck it in with some high waisted jeans or pair it with some leggings...just because the shirt is extra long doesn't mean you have to pass on it...one of my favorite looks is a long top over leggings - its comfy, easy & chic....& i know a lot of people do not think leggings are pants, & you're right but with the right top or dress they can be pants...try it sometime & have some fun!

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Sam said...

Loving your taste in music! And believe it or not, I've seen parts of Almost Famous over and over, but never actually watched the entire movie from start to finish. Maybe I'll do that this weekend :)

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Ha! I was born in '83 and when I hit middle school I became OBSESSED with Led Zeppelin. OBsessed. So, my friends and I had a 70's party and we all dressed in bell bottoms and halters and randomness. Good times! Happy Friday!

Alana Christine said...

bahahahahah. What a perv! I can't believe he had a sign that said that!

Unknown said...

Ew. Seriously?! What a creep. only here in Southern California...::sigh::

LOVE your taste in music girl, and can I just say how hot you are?!
Love that pink bow in your hair...and I agree, longer shirts can be made into dresses, and you can work with them to create something new! I just did a post recently about gathering a longer dress to make it a top. Make it work, ladies! :)
<3 Happy Friday, Kelly!

Whitney Ellen said...

OMG you really ARE Penny Lane. That movie is an all time favoriteeee.
Also, I have it noted that if I ever move to Cali I need to come prepared with a marker and posters... just incase I need to respond.

erica @ to the sea said...

Aww well as much as I like to think I'm not f-ing emo, I love saves the day, dashboard, and the get up kids. Don't tell anyone but im listening to thrice right now. ;)

DSR said...

Do people seriously do that in Cali?!? I am so happy you shook your head no and let them find another victim. I mean, maybe if it were a nice car with a hot man driving it, but c'mon! Happy Friday.

The Pink Growl said...

I really love little ankle boots like those! Soooo cute! I have some little grey ones that are flat and I wore them all the time last fall! The real question is...if he was a hot guy asking, would you have shown him?? haha I kid! Happy weekend lover!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

ok literally DYING of laughter right now at the "show me your tits" sign. OMG, I would have died laughing too!

Cathy said...

Loving this 80s style look! Laughing so hard at your story :) Such a fun and creative blog...love it, girl! Now following you too :)


Bronzed Humanity said...

HA! Correct...only in CA...Guys with signs are the best! Almost Famous is one of my top faves...love this simple everyday look, so right about long shirts!

Hot Pink Day
Libi & Lola

Anonymous said...

Love Rock N Roll !!!! I'll ever forget the time before school we both left angry and in the car you turned on Juliana theory ! If I told you this was killing me , like so loud and I had never heard it and then I fell in love!!! Haha we went to something corporate together it was soo freKing good and obviously we will never forget the Jacques mannequin concert lol.

Great post and cute outfits!!! Well yeah that's again fr the colorful school supplies! <3

My-cliffnotes said...

That story is awesome! I want to drive around with a sign to see what action I could get lol.

You're just too pretty friend!!


The Preppy Student said...

ahhaahha! what a great sign. I love the movie almost famous! Have a happy Friday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending tomorrow!.

Melanee said...

hahaha you're too funny! and right, only in LA! AND Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies! so you definitely have great style =)thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and for the follow! much appreciated! and I'm following back!


The High Heeled Brunette said...

Rocker Chic is my all time fave. Can't wait for fall to get all my boots out!

Unknown said...

Cute outfit!! :-D And that story is hilarious - although I know a few people that would have done it... haha :)

Hypnotizing Fashion said...

Great blog!
I just found your blog today! Like your style!
Now I following your blog and if you like pls follow me back;)


Jamie said...

I got the show me your tits sign TWICE on the 5 on my regular drive between San Diego and Orange County. Definitely made for giggles for the rest of the day!

Nikki said...

The boots are great! I'm a total classic rock addict. I (no joke) have had many dreams of being at Woodstock and Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies. Love that we share that!
Nikki at Bedazzles After Dark

Talitha Azarov said...

Wow that's one funny story! lol i dont know how to make of that guy who has a sign ready to go for when the time comes. Lol. Oh and I need to rent that Almost Famous. Ive never seen anybody else endorse the film as much as you do. Now Im a little curious.
Ty Azarov
(My closet /blog name is Ty Az)

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

That is an awesome story!! I once got asked for my phone number...so weird and awkward!! Love the rocker chic outfit, especially the jacket!!

Janna Renee said...

The Rocker Chic look is so you! I love long tops too. I wear them over leggings and skinny jeans. Honestly, I could live in tunics. PS. I am TOTALLY dying at the guy with the sign. That is PRICELESS!

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