oh hey lovers ----> so as you know fashion has always been a huge part of my life. From selling to merchandising to styling. I have worked it all. I love it & couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. We are always hearing about the latest trends & styles, letting us know whats "in" in the fashion world, but today I am here to touch on a few fashion no no's. Everybody, even me, has been a victim of a fashion emergency. So over the years I have gathered together a few guidelines that I like to follow when shopping & picking out what to wear to avoid becoming a victim of a fashion no no....however these are just my opinions from things I have picked up over the years of being in the fashion world....dress at your own risk.....

*My Top Ten Fashion No No's* 

1.) Don't Wear White After Labor Day - summer is over, put it away until next year....& i know A LOT of people do not agree with me on this one & its true the stores are still selling white in everything. I just personally think its more of a spring/summer color....if you still like to wear white in the winter be sure to not layer white on white. Simple white touches like a white blazer - which you can see how fabulous it looks on this GIRL, or a winter white bag. But try & stay away from white on white during the fall & winter.

2.) Red Lipstick is Not for Everyone - I'm sorry but some people should not wear red lipstick...you look like a clown....when in doubt, just say no. 


3.) Don't Wear Heels you Can't Walk In- really though, wobbling around while you walk is not a good look & most likely you will trip & fall

4.) Too many Animals Prints all at once is an Over Kill - you're not a cheetah, don't dress like one.

5.) Just Because It's 'In' Does NOT Mean you Should Wear It - for example prints on prints. One fashion mistake I tend to see a lot is people trying all the trends. Sometimes you just can't pull it off...& that's okay! I would rather look put together in something that fits me right, than look like a total mess in the current trends. 


6.) Wearing Designer Clothes Does Not Make You Stylish - just because you can afford all the $$$ clothes does not mean you have good fashion taste. money does not buy style. 


7.) No 'Matchy Matchy' - do I really need to elaborate?


8.) Too Many Accessories all at once is an Over Kill - earrings+necklaces+bracelets+rings...its just too much going on. Remember less is always more

9.) Tops that don't Completely Cover your Behind when Wearing Leggings - leggings are not jeans, please make sure the top covers your behind.

10.) Trying to Make it Fit aka Too Tight Clothing - so many people I would help would not try on things based on the size....Just because you may be a size small at one store, doesn't mean your the same size in another store. Size is just a number ---> base your clothing off the way it fits you, not the number you see on the tag. 


So those are just a few of my fashion no no's. I hoped they helped a little bit when cleaning out your closet for the new season! What are some of your fashion no nos? & before I go meet Lisette ---------->

Hello ladies! My name is Lisette Moore and I blog over here (moorepinkplease.com). I am a twenty three year old living in Austin,Texas(and no, we don't ride horses to the grocery store). I have a wonderful husband, a cute baby boy, and the two silliest pit bulls that make for great blogging. I love writing about my marriage,DIY/recipes,being a mommy and pretty much anything I go through.If I had to describe myself I would say: Witty, loving, outgoing, silly, and fun! Blogging for me has been a great experience to just be myself and let my thoughts pour without having to worry about what people will think, and meeting some wonderful ladies who I can call my friends. I hope you will follow me through this journey called life the way I see it.

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Jana Faith said...

I agree with most of your fashion no no's. The only one I'm 'iffy' on it the one about white. There are some sweet winter white coats out there! I hope you have a great day, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!! These are just about all of my fashion greivances wrapped into one post. I audibly sighed at no-no number 1. I adore you for not only listing it but listing it first. It's one of my BIGGEST fashion pet peeves.

One more to add? Black shoes/pants with white socks. Yikes!

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

"You're not a cheetah, don't dress like one" should probably be trademarked hahahahaha!!

Karen said...

I love your list! Totally agree and Love the you're not a cheetah comment!

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

Bahahaha!! Love the cheetah comment!! Soooo many people do this and it drives me nuts!! Why can't people just stop at one animal print?!

Michelle said...

I agree with a lot of these!

Alana Christine said...

I agree with most of these, however I'm guilty of matchy matchy. lol

Chelsea said...

these are great! haha, thank you. sometimes i try something and it's just obvious i can't pull it off, oh well :)

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I totally agree with a lot of these. Red lipstick absolutely does not look good on everyone! Eeek! And the just because it is "in" does not mean you should wear it - I struggle with this sometimes because I'll see a trend all over the place that I absolutely hate, and wonder if I should just suck it up - but it's nice to read that staying true to myself is so much better! I wouldn't be comfortable and it would come across!

Anonymous said...

Does cream count as white?

I can't stand the over accessorized look.

Sarah said...

I totally agree with everything! Especially the 'just because it is in, doesn't mean you should wear it!' I see that all the time and I just want to shake those girls and be like..WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? NO NO NO!

lauren said...

i cringe everytime i see someone with jeans on that look like the picture above... good tips :) i'm still debating the whole white thing after labor day, but i tend to agree

Charlie's Mommy (Beth) said...

I will agree to disagree with you about white after Labor day but everything else is spot on!! Have a great day.

Nicole said...

I've always said, "Just because you fit INTO it, does NOT mean that it fits you!"

his little lady said...

Ouch, that heels shot looks painful. And it's true, work the easier heels, you'll always look better!
xo TJ

JMB said...

haha the one about the leggings is cracking me up! Fashion fail. I have probably done that one before, however, I have to have my rump shaker covered!! I definitely agree about the - just because it's instyle, doesn't mean its for everyone too. I think what looks amazing on someone is what LOOKS AMAZING on someone - just that! haha
Have a blessed day!!

Shelley said...

Good tips!! I try not to do any of the above...except the matching. Can you explain what's wrong with matching?

Jesika said...

VEry helpful! I'm the matchy match, wears white and tries not to wear to many accessories .. . But the pictures help make it visually redic! lol
happy tuesday !

Jamie said...

Leggings are not jeans. -- best line ever. So true.

Lissy Moore@Moorepinkplease.com said...

Thank you for having me on today Kelly :)

and can I just say #10 is amazing! No one should ever do this. It should be a sin! but I guess ppl out there don't mind looking like a busted can of biscuits...ugh

Lissy Moore@Moorepinkplease.com said...

Thank you for having me on today Kelly :)

and can I just say #10 is amazing! No one should ever do this. It should be a sin! but I guess ppl out there don't mind looking like a busted can of biscuits...ugh

Haley Wishall said...

Thank you so much for posting these!! I love them all..however I am guilty of just wearing leggings with a sweatshirt to class (ahem, today) but they're the ultra thick leggings. That makes it a LITTLE better, right? ;)

And I so agree on the last one. I have a friend who refuses to buy anything in an L or XL. I love her but It's ridiculous!

Oh and my favorite saying " just because it zips , doesnt mean it fits!!"

Hilary said...

Gahhh the leggings! I hate shirts that aren't long enough to cover my rear!

Raquel said...

Yes I agree with everything you said!! I am guilty of the white after labor day though :/ Well, not white on white, but white jeans!

Chelsea Olivia said...

Totally agree with most of what you said. The heels pictures looks so painful LOL. That being said though, don't be scared to wear heels just cause you can't walk in them. Start small... we all gotta learn somehow :P And I am a total leopard print lover HOWEVER a "statement" animal print shirt is more than enough for one outfit lol. Don't need the matching bangles and necklace and sunnies and bag and shoes. Gah. And when people don't wear clothes that fit just so that they fit into a small or whatever. I have a friend who does this and it's like WHY? You would look so much better in a proper fitting size!!!!!

Because Shanna Said So said...

My clever little fashionista friend!!! Loved this post! All so true. The high heel picture cracked me up!!! LOL! And thank you so much for the love! You rock my socks off! Love you, Kelly!

Jess said...

I will never understand coach bags paired with workout clothes. Style is an ability to coordinate pieces, not just buy what's expensive or on trend!

Anonymous said...

I never understand people who don't cover their behind when they wear leggings. So unflattering!

My-cliffnotes said...

So you're saying I can't be a cheetah for Halloween then? ;(

Taylor Grace said...

I hate white after labor day. I don't care what anyone says, I just hate it. Unless you are getting married, that might be my only exception.

Jade Sierra said...

Amen, sister!!! Ugh. This red lipstick fad is driving me looney because every female on the planet is trying it. It just doesn't look good on everyone. I swear I thought up a blog post nearly identical to this one, but refrained from posting it because I'm not really one to be taking fashion advice from. Lol :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. No matchy matchy?! Noooooo. Just kidding. I don't do matchy matchy. And I am constantly telling my mother (who will show up in a purple skirt with a purple accented shirt with a purple belt with some perfectly coordinated purple shoes) ... "Mom. This right here is what we call matchy-matchy". And she'll look at me and say "really?". OMG Mom.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of these, even though I tend to break the no white one. I like to stick with more of a winter white though

Xo, Rachel

Laura said...

I agree with every single one of these. I may have said them out loud at one point myself. You are such a smart girl! Have a good week Kelly!

themosbysinchina said...

Thanks for all the fashion pointers! A huge fashion "no-no" I see every.single.day over here in Asia, is wearing sock panty hose with heals and dresses and sandals. It's bad. Just bad.

Wine and Summer said...

I agree with EVERY SINGLE ONE of these. You hit the nail on the head!

Janna Renee said...

We disagree on the "no white after labor day" thing, BUT I do agree that white on white is DEFINITELY not okay in winter. Other than that...I totally agree! Love you GF!

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