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okay now that we got the obligatory it's Monday talk out of the way....isn't it funny how a lot of posts will start out talking about Monday one way or another today. Seriously, the next blogs you read today count how many start off talking about it being Monday 

but moving on from the Monday talk....I wanted to tell you all about a fun new linkup that just started that yours truly gets to co-host on Thursday!!! The linkup is called 'CopyCat'...& basically you find an outfit picture on pinterest, in magazines, online, wherever & then you try your best to copy the look & then linkup your copy cat outfits!! I know a lot of you find outfit inspirations on pinterest so I know you all would have fun with this linkup! It's hosted by Carly of Texas Love Birds & Mary of Trusty Chucks every Thursday....so this Thursday I will be co-hosting & linking up my outfit inspiration! I have chosen to copy a celebrities outfit, so I am excited....so will you all linkup this Thursday too?!? Please say YES!

sooo you know what the best alarm clock is to wake up too?!?!.....dog kisses! I cannot tell you the amount of times I have been woken up from Maxx or Lucy licking my face. It really starts my day off to a good start. So I had to take Maxx to the Vet over the weekend. He loves going out for trips in the car. He was all happy &  jolly when we got outta the car. His tail was wagging and his tongue was sticking out from smiling. However, the moment we stepped into the Vet's office he stopped. My happy, jolly little boy was now shaking & scared. But what dog really likes going to the Vet? 

Well turns out Maxx has an ear infection & is a little over weight. My poor little baby. So now he has special ear drops & has to go on a diet. He is NOT happy about either of them. Especially the diet because he is a little piggy for sure. But while Maxx was getting his ears cleaned, I was out in the waiting room watching the educational pet video they had playing. I must say I actually enjoyed the video & did learn some new insightful information but what I really took from it was they said you are more likely to live a longer life if you own/love an animal & personally I believe that is true. 

Maxx hating life in the Vet's Office

But now is the time to meet Decembers Messy Girl of the Month! You will love this girl! She writes a wonderful lifestyle blog that is just oozing with inspiration. She is such a sweet girl & just recently launched something very exciting...but I'll let her fill you in. So without further ado - 

Hello!  My name is Amy, blogger over at The Charming.  My blog is a general lifestyle blog that focuses on art, inspiration, and wellness with everything in between.  

I am currently in nursing school hoping to pursue a career in pediatric oncology.  On the side, however, I live a more creative lifestyle, doing a lot of photography and design with Charming Life Studio and through my shop.

I am a newlywed with three furbabies (two cats and a dog).  My husband and I call Atlanta, Georgia our home, but we are always on the lookout for the next place to visit.

This November I launched Charming Holiday, a magazine and catalog filled with holiday inspiration and discount codes to many talented shops online.  So, if you still have some gifts to get or are in need of some spoiling, head on over to check out over two dozen shops that will cover everyone on your list from yourself to the men, women, and children in your lives!

Stop by and say hello, it'd be so lovely to meet you! 

If you could have any super power what would it be & why?
I would want to have superhuman speed.  By definition, this includes moving, flying, thinking, reacting, and sensing at a faster speed than the average human.  This also includes accelerated brain activity.  I already suffer from a hyperactive brain, but with superhuman speed I can come to conclusions faster and get tasks done much quicker so that maybe I would lie in bed at night thinking about all the tasks I still have left to do.... Not to mention, we I need a break from reality, I'd run/fly to Alaska, New Zealand, or Mauritius for the weekend.

What is something we don't know about you that we should?
Oomph.  I don't know.  I refuse to see the Wizard of Oz.  I think I watched part/all of it when I was a wee girl, and I just refuse to have anything to do with it now.  I won't even see Wicked.  No, thank you, who knows what crazy manifestations my brain would produce at night.

Its your last day on earth, what do you do? 
Assuming I have my superhuman speed, I would probably hit the highlights on my list of things to see/experience.  Assuming I am just regular ole' me, I'd be at home with my family, chilling in bed all day maybe watching a favorite movie and eating whatever we want.  Nothing too fancy, but the only place I'd want to be if it was my last day on earth.  Plus, if I'm able to leave my body, my heart and body won't care how much french toast and chocolate chimichangas I eat.
How cool is it she started a magazine?! You know I love entrepreneurs. Its so funny  to see what super power everyone would have...mine would be mind reading....ahh could you imagine how cool it would be if we all had our own super power?! 
So today Amy is giving away a $20 Amazon gift card & featured ad space on her adorable blog! 
I feel like Santa since December started with all these fabulous giveaways being hosted here on le blog. 

New Bloggers! Check out my NEWBIE Program - Information located on the 'Newbie' tab on my sidebar along with some other new tabs to check out! 

#TheMessyProject Round 6 - DECEMBER - is coming.........Wednesday December 19...get excited!!!
oh & tomorrow I have someone VERY special on the blog, who I was honored to interview....her products are aaamazing.....so amazing that Paris Hilton & other celebs rock them ALL.THE.TIME....so come back tomorrow for a special meet & greet..........oh yeah, she's giving something away too. 
PS. Secret Santa Gift Swap Reveal is FRIDAY


Jan said...

I will totally try to link up! I've pinned sooo many outfits already :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

Jennifer said...

New follower from Princess of the Panhandle blog!

TheTinyHeart said...

I'll try to link up!

The Tiny Heart

Sarah said...

Love that idea for a link up!! really cute!

Aww poor Maxx :(

Kelly said...

Great giveaway! It makes my Monday just a little bit better!

Sparkles and Shoes

Anonymous said...

I am totally this person! I detest Mondays. They are a cruel awakening from what I really want reality to be like

aubrey kinch said...
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Lena B, Actually said...

Not this Thursday... I'm featuring Ruby in a small style post... BUT I'm co-hosting next week!! Can't wait!

Unknown said...

Oh how I want a pooches kisses to wake up to!!!
Also totally going to try to join the link up on Thursday, thanks for the heads up so we can prepare... yay!

Mrs. H said...

I definitely want to link up

Ashley said...

Poor little Max :(

I definitely want to link up to this!!

Carly @ Texas Lovebirds said...

So excited to have you co-hosting with us, girl! xo

I hope all of you lovely ladies do join and link up. We're having lots of fun with this linkup and would love to have you come along!

Carly of Texas Lovebirds

Jen said...

Aww poor Maxx!

Janna Renee said...

I've been wanting to do one of those copycat outfits! I will try my darndest to get it done by Thursday, but as you know...Will is keeping me busy. Teehee

Sabrina said...

I was just giving your blog a little rundown and I'm really impressed by the number of giveaways you're hosting! Love the blog!


My-cliffnotes said...

Ooh I need to find an outfit to copy stat

Because Shanna Said So said...

This link up sounds like so much fun! Right up my alley!!! Hope the pups is feeling better! And cannot wait to see what you picked for the messy project this month!!!!!

Kelsey Eaton said...

I won't be linking up in the next few weeks ( you dont wanna see me behind a camera right now) but I would love to! I'm so nervous to dip my toes into the world of fashion blogging

Unknown said...

Never heard of that linkup!

Christine Rosko said...

I want to link up for Copy Cat this week! I hope that I can figure something out...

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