3 Things That Sap Our Confidence Every Day

Our mindset through life is perhaps the single most important thing about ourselves. When we’re not thinking in the way we want to, we can’t achieve our goals. Even though you can make up your mind about what you want, getting to it is a whole other ball game. For one thing, you have to remind yourself day in and day out about what you’re trying to achieve. You must do this especially when things get tough. Avoid these confidence-sapping things that eat away at you daily.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Should you go for a week without looking in the mirror? Just for one week, you should see what it's like to not put your makeup in the mirror. Don’t brush your hair and adjust your outfit standing in front of the mirror. For one thing, you will become less vain and much less self-critical. You’ll also be able to get ready faster and not be so obsessive over every little thing. The reason for trying this out is, to maintain a grip over your body image anxiety. So many women, unfortunately, make their own lack of confidence in how they look worse by becoming friends with their bathroom mirror. You shouldn’t be standing in front of the mirror for half an hour to an hour just getting ready to go outside. Don’t be a slave to your own vanity.

Losing Your Shape

Many women will find that as they get older, they will begin to lose their body shape. The curves they once had will begin to flatten out and this can send shockwaves throughout your confidence level. You must accept that this is going to happen and that it's only natural. You can’t fight father time and making yourself feel bad for it, is completely illogical. You can do two things, depending on your situation. Speak to a tried and trusted female plastic surgeon who possesses the skills in the chest, face and skin procedures. You may want to adjust your tummy, sagging chin skin or perhaps your bust. This is a solution that will deliver permanent results. On the other hand, you can sign yourself up to a workout group specifically for gaining back your curves. Aerobics routines uniquely designed for the lower body can be extremely effective at this.

Obedience to Trends

It's not just our physical look that we put under scrutiny, but our fashion sense too. Far too many women don’t even realize, they have become a willful lackey to whatever a fashion magazine writer tells them to love and want. Don’t be so afraid to wear whatever you want. One way to do this is to look in your wardrobe and really ask yourself, what do you like? Do you have clothes that you think are trendy or what the fashion circles would like? Start to think more independently about fashion and the way you dress.

More often than not, we are our own worst enemy. We sap our confidence in front of the mirror every day. We take advice on what to wear from others and we forget there are solutions to look physically better. 

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