Beauty In The Pandemic Era


In these pandemic days, more and more people are eager to keep their hygiene standards high. Washing hands is the must-do thing after every outing or touching anything new. When people pick up their post from their doormat, they whip out the hand sanitizer straight after and ensure that the envelopes go straight in the bin. When it comes to your beauty regime, you need to ensure that you hone a new, more hygienic routine. You can still wear your favorite lipstick, but you need to consider how and when you reapply it throughout the day. Take a look at how your beauty regime should change during this coronavirus crisis.

Keep It To Yourself

While you may be used to sharing lipsticks and glosses with your pals when you head out for the night, this can no longer be done. You might love putting on a bit of rose red lipstick that your best friend always has in her clutch bag on a night out, however this does not maintain social distancing at all. Now, you need to keep your makeup to yourself and no longer share it with others. You also need to consider when you reapply your mascara or lipstick. At home, you can keep your hands washed and hygienic. However, when you head out for dinner or to a socially distanced bar, you need to ensure that your hands are totally sterile and clean prior to getting your compact mirror out of your bag. Get some hygienic wipes and hand sanitizer to ensure that no contaminants get transferred from your surroundings to your face.


When you purchase new products, especially if you buy them from a high street store, you need to clean them prior to the initial use. Your main priorities during the pandemic may be skin care and hygiene if you are finding yourself cooped up indoors for days at a time. Ensure that you clean bottles of moisturizer, lotions, and creams. Any beauty tools you have that get applied to your face need cleaning regularly. Brushes, pads, and curlers need washing at the end of every day and kept away from any visitors you may have to your home. With the novel coronavirus being airborne, an airtight container could be worth considering for your tools.

Going To The Nail Bar

If you are eager to head back to your favorite nail bar to get a gel application, make sure you are ready with hygiene measures. The skin on your hands is the prime area where COVID19 can spread. Prepare to see your nail technician wearing a mask, a visor, and gloves. They may ask you to reciprocate with the same, and you may need to apply their alcohol-based sanitizer. You may even find that your temperature is taken prior to your treatment. Go with it and maintain the hygiene standards that they demand. These are implemented to protect everyone, including you.

Follow this guide and you can navigate the more complex beauty path in these surreal pandemic days.

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