Desk Set-up Tips For Bloggers

Whether you’re a hobby blogger or hoping to turn your blog into an income stream, proper space to work in can make your blogging go a lot more smoothly. Many bloggers work on laptops on the sofa; however, this can mean you get easily distracted by other people in the house or staring at Netflix instead of working. Create a dedicated workspace to help you focus and feel inspired. 


1.) Buy a desk. Having a desk to work at will help you to concentrate more effectively and means you’re less likely to get painful shoulders from being awkwardly hunched over a laptop all the time. If you’re pushed for space, a small desk is fine, or even working at the dining table. Laptop desks are usually small and very portable, so you can squeeze one in wherever you have space. Choose a well-lit area so you don’t strain your eyes staring at a screen and to make editing pictures easier. 

2.) Decorate your workspace. Once you’ve chosen your desk and where to put it, you can add some decor. The decor makes the space more inviting and can be used to give you some inspiration. Hang a poster with an inspirational quote on it (click here to find lots of options). Add a plant or a pretty lamp. Hang a pin board where you can add images that inspire you or fit your blog’s brand. 

3.) Get organized. As well as pretty items, you need some practical things on your desk too. Do you like to write physical notes? Treat yourself to a nice notebook and pens. Add a pen pot to keep them out of the way. A paper to-do list might be helpful too. Add an in-tray or a set of drawers so you can store things like receipts for your tax return, or products that you need to photograph. You can also use these to store things like chargers and spare batteries for your camera. 

4.) Choose a chair. Like the desk, the right chair can help you to avoid sore shoulders and a bad back. The right desk chair should encourage good posture. Look for one that is comfortable to sit in, and offers support to your lower back. Arms can be a good idea to help you feel better supported too. Adjust the chair correctly too. When you sit down, your feet should be flat on the floor, and your knees should have plenty of clearance under the desk if you’re going to sit with the best posture.

Having a proper workspace can help you to take your blog more seriously. When you sit down to work, you’ll have far fewer distractions. Sitting at the desk is also a clear signal to anyone you share your home with that you’re working and not just scrolling Pinterest, so they’re less likely to disturb you while you’re trying to work on your blog. Take your blog seriously, and you can help it to grow and become more successful, whatever your goals are for it. 

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