going back to highschool

so i love to love...who doesn't right? Erin at Living in Yellow had the idea of having a 'blogger crush' day where we gush about our favorite bloggers, but then I saw Christina at My Life, Laughs & Love gave the linkup a little twist which reminded me of what you would see in high school yearbooks....so im going to keep it going --- so erin's linkup with a twist

Blogger Superlatives 

Most Creative: Christina at My Life, Laughs & Love - check out this post & you'll see why ---> MINI project

Most Badass: Raven at Don't Quote the Raven....need I say more?

Most Real: Amber at My Three Bittles & Michael at Crazy, Magic..Almost Tragic

Most Likely to be Embracing the Mess: Sarah at Hot Mess Mommie...i think her blog name covers it.

Blogger Twin: Jessica at Jessica Who?....i don't know what I would do without this girl....we just get eachother.

Blogger Crush: Kristen at Whiskey Tango Fox...plus she's a fabulous blog designer

Coolest Mom: Shanna at Because Shanna Says So & Kristine at The Foley Fam...they don't even look like moms, they're so youthful

Coolest Life: Michelle at Mish Lovin' Life....her & her bf sold everything, quit their jobs & started traveling the world....um can you say jealous?

Biggest Obsession: Janna at Perception is Everything....i can't express enough about how much i adore this girl...her outlook on life, her positive attitude, she is just beautiful inside and out...& i have enjoyed this blogging journey so much because of her....i don't think I could've made it through this past year without her...i love you janna & cannot wait until we meet in real life!!!

Makes Me LOL: Tab at My Cliffnotes & Taylor at The Daily Tay...no matter what these girls always leave me laughing out loud

Best Shopping Buddies: Melis at Melia Rose Designs, Kelly at Sparkles & Shoes, & Niki at Glossy Blonde...love their style & I know we would have an aaamazing time shopping together

Best Hair Obsession: Aunie at Aunie Sauce...i have never come across another girl who loves their hair as much as I do...its a special bond...plus she has gorgeous hair & FABULOUS hair tutorials.

Best Animal Blog: Nikki at The Pink Growl....have you met Tilly?

Best Fitness Blog: Jenna at Fitness & the City...have you seen her body?!

Best Blogger All Around: Holly at Hey, Hollywood....she's a great person, blogger & friend.

& one more thing...I was ify about doing this linkup because I didn't want to leave anyone out or feel like i was being exclusive...i never want anyone to feel left out so please know that everyone I have 'met' through blogging you have touched me in some way or another...& everybody I haven't 'met' yet..i can't wait!

I have so much love for anyone who blogs because blogging isn't easy & we all go through a lot of hard work to make our blog what is it....nobody's dedication is ever overlooked and I commend everyone for putting themselves out there for the world to see.

love to love to love ya 


& if you haven't yet...i wrote my honest & open blog post to date so check it out HERE

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CK said...

Perfectly done :) and very flattered!! This is so fun + uplifting I dig it!

My-cliffnotes said...

You're the best!!

Raven said...

Kelly I need to learn new languages, like fifty different ones so I can say how much I love you in each. I do. and I can't wait til we can touch flesh and kiss on the lips in real life!

Jessica Who? said...

love you!

Niken said...

love to love you too Kelly

Unknown said...

love this!! Going to check out the few gals I don't already follow (stalk) now <3


Amber Nicole said...

KELLY!!! You are the best person ever!! Thank you so much! It was so nice to wake up and read this!!!! :) :) :)

Jennie said...

Love this post!

The Pink Growl said...

Tilly is a pretty cool girl! haha Thank you sooooo much for the shoutout sweet girl! I love ya! We need to catch up soon! XOXO I wanna hear about school!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Thank you a MILLION times over!!! I am in the cool mom club now!!! Yahoo!!!!! Seriously, you know I puffy heart you to pieces!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't do this link up but you are absolutely one of my favorites as well. You're passionate, stylish, down to earth, real and I love reading what you have to say. Thank you so much for the mention. It means a lot to me!


Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Love you Kel!!! Your friendship means so much to me and Im so honored to b on ure list :) Thanks for making my day! La la love you mucho!!!!

Aunie said...

oh my goodness. i love this! you just made me smile SO MUCH! Thank you so so so much kelly! ditto on the hair obsession :)

Nicole said...

what a great post! I love that you shared the love. I should probably do this sometime soon too!

P!nky said...

What a cute idea, love the superlatives!

Kelly said...

Aww, thanks Kel! Come to NYC with me and we will go shopping!

Sparkles and Shoes

Unknown said...

AW thanks love! youre the best! xo Jenna

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Thanks Kel!! I would LOVE to go shopping with you!!!

Ashley said...

Such a cute link-up! I love these blogs!

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

LOVE your starfish headband! :)

Janna Renee said...

I love you and you picked the BEST bloggers for your list ;) I love how you did your list too! It might have made my life easier if I had thought of it this way, but then I wouldn't have gotten to dedicate it to you. hehe


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