How to Feel More Comfortable With Yourself


Do you ever feel uncomfortable with yourself? Have you always felt this way about yourself? Honestly, this is something that’s fairly normal; some people aren’t comfortable in the skin they’re in. But it’s not their fault, as trends are constantly changing; nowadays, it’s micro trends, and you’re questioning if you look good. The beauty standards keep changing, too; one-week glass skin was in, and now oily skin is what’s trending. 

The same goes for skin tones (tans vs. non-tans), hair colors, haircuts, clothing, and so much more. It’s hard to keep up, and honestly, it feels like there is this impossible social pressure to keep up when you know you can’t keep up.  So, how can you get yourself to break away from these pressures and just feel good in the skin you're in? Keep reading on to find out!

Start By Taking Care of Your Body

Taking care of yourself physically will naturally help you feel more comfortable with who you are. Sleep well, shower daily, eat healthy meals, and moisturize daily. You only get one body, so take time to pamper it on a regular basis. Touch it, and adorn it with lotions and oils that smell good. Remember that everyone's bodies are different, and that is okay. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, focus on loving your own body and what it can do for you. 

You deserve to be pampered. Give yourself big doses of self-love and compassion along the way. The journey to feeling comfortable in your skin will be a rewarding one. There are so many different ways to take care of it, from skincare to a good diet, to a nice pamper session at the spa, but overall it’s about just being happy with yourself and loving yourself.  But you can’t forget about the healthy meals and regular exercise either, as these play such a major role too.

Put Yourself First

Give yourself what you want to give yourself. You should make yourself happy with what you think is best, not what society thinks is best, especially with micro trends and micro beauty standards. So why not do what makes you happy? This can include having a discussion with Andrew Jacono M.D., about certain changes you’re after. But it doesn’t need to be grand, either. Maybe it’s just having your hair the length your want, having a color you prefer, and so on. 

The more you prioritize your own needs, the easier it will be to feel comfortable with yourself. This doesn’t mean that you’re selfish or don’t care about others. It simply means that you’re establishing your own blueprint for life and setting goals for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the identities that society creates for you – boss, parent, daughter, spouse, etc. But you have to make it a priority to find yourself and your dreams. This includes learning to say no. Embracing this self-prioritization is the best gift you can give yourself. Never forget this, as this is the biggest learning curve and the biggest way to get yourself feeling comfortable with yourself. 

Honor Your Strengths

Honoring your strengths is the key to feeling comfortable with yourself. Everyone has a set of strengths that they naturally do well at, enjoy and feel good about. Some of these strengths are empathy, curiosity, resilience, and creativity. Choose one positive attribute of yourself that you struggle to see as a strength and dedicate time to maturing it until you can recognize it as such. It may take some time, but it is worth it. 

This doesn’t mean that you stop working towards improvement – but it does mean that you focus on the areas where you are already strong. You will find that this will help you to feel more confident in your abilities and will be able to better support others.

Don’t Be Afraid to Express Yourself

A major reason why people often feel so uncomfortable with themselves is the fact that they feel like they can’t express themselves. So you can probably imagine that there is this body inside where creativity, thoughts, and feelings need to be stored because of this feeling that it’s not welcome to be expressed. Well, it’s important not to think that way. Authentic self-expression is an essential part of life. 

It lets others know who you are, and it provides an outlet to release your emotions in a healthy way. It also helps you find a deeper sense of meaning and connection with those around you. You can express yourself in many ways besides words, including cooking, playing sports, painting, writing poetry or music, dancing, and even socializing with friends and family. However, be careful not to let other people’s expectations dictate how you express yourself.

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