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anddd its Sunday yet again....today I'm off at the beach getting a tan while we still have sun, but i am SO ready for the weather to COOL down....so today I'm linking up with Neely & Ashley for Social Sunday! Since last week they ended the linkup with an end of summer theme, this week we're starting fresh & re-introducing ourselves & our blogs. I thought since I've gotten quite a few new followers since the start of Social Sunday back in June I figured it'd be a good way for those of you who are new around the mess to get to know me a little better...PLUS it just so turns out this is my 200th post since I started blogging in February....so let's get social!
1. What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it??
Well clearly the name of my blog is Messy.Dirty.Hair ....I came up with the name originally because my mom would always say to me "why is your hair always so messy"...& then I realized I go days w/o washing it - dirty...so the name came about...however Messy.Dirty.Hair has turned into more of a lifestyle than just a blog name...read all about my embrace the mess story HERE

My 1st Logo!

2. What do you love the most about blogging??
I love being able to release my creative juices & have fun with my blog & fashion. I also love meeting new people & reading about how others live their lives all over the world. Plus the friendships that I have made w/ some bloggers has really been fun...& blogging even helped me reconnect with a few old friends like her & her who started blogs around the same time.

3. What are your 2 favorite posts you've written?
Hmmmm probably my day to night post about how to change your outfit from day time to night time with just a few quick changes - you can read that HERE & the very first #TheMessyProject post - i love these girls & they really went above & beyond for the launch of #TheMessyProject...& the launch was just perfect....you can read that post HERE

4. What is something you'd want to tell someone just starting out in blog world?
It's a lot like high school with cliques...so be ready for that....& having a successful blog is A LOT harder than you could possibly EVER imagine.



5. Biggest blogging learning experience you've had?
That people will be nice to you & give you & your blog attention just to get your business & then once you've given them business its like you & your blog never existed. Make sure you find the real people out there in blogging. Not just the ones only looking out for themselves.

6. Give us 3 blogs we NEED to be following that you love. 
besides mine..hehe....well --- I'm going to break the rules a little & give you 6 blogs you NEED to be following - i know, I'm such a rebel....check out my loves HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.....& oh yeah HERE & HERE...if you have yet to really know these girls, you're missing out...big time!
and there's one more thing I want to add about blogging & the blog world for anyone who may be new to everything - don't be scared to reach out to other bloggers for help - whether it be for personal blog help, having them write a guest post or participate in a giveaway. Don't be scared.
I can't tell you the amount of emails I have gotten from bloggers who were nervous to ask me for a favor because they thought my "big" blog wouldn't care about their little blog...newsflash people - the "big" time bloggers are just NORMAL people like you & me...they are NOT celebrities...even though a few really like to believe that they actually are...they're not....so don't let them intimate you....remember they once were too, a small little blog , so don't let these "big" time bloggers make you feel any less....you're just as fabulous!....& remember bloggers are your community - not your competition.
See you guys tomorrow for a freaking AAAMAZING giveaway from The Messy Girl of the Month...this is probably the best giveaway I've had yet...besides my Moroccan Oil Hair Products package which will be back once I reach 1,000 followers....this lovely lady won the giveaway last time & has since become obsessed with the Moroccan Hair Oil Products...you know you want to try 'em too...spread the word - join the mess....interested in being next months Messy Girl? Check out the info HERE
This is How my Garden Grows


Megan B.B. said...

totally agree about the cliques. sad, but true. :)
megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

Kait said...

I love this blog post. I am one of those small little blogs who looks to yours for inspiration ON THE REG. I don't think you act like a celebrity, but I definitely know bloggers who do. I think that's sad, because everyone has their own unique voice and something to share. Love Messy. Dirty. Hair. and I'm glad you put this out there! P.S. Your first logo is so much fun!

Jana Faith said...

Kelly - you're delightful. I enjoyed your straight forward approach. It's nice to be reminded everyone was once a small time blogger.

Renee Arianna said...

Truth. Love this post! All of it is so true!! The blog cliques and fake bloggers who just want your sponsorship/follow are one of my biggest pet peeves with the blogging world. Along with the random negative anon comments that are so hateful for no reason. And don't get me started on the 'bigger' bloggers who think they are celebs.

Nicole said...

Oh #5- I'm dealing with that right now!! It drives me crazy how some people will do that and then just drop you. Loved this post!

Janna Renee said...

You hit the nail on the head with every bit of this! Way to be honest ;) I am so thankful that blogging brought us together, but even though we are loyal and love each other, we DON'T have a clique and accept everyone! I'm proud of you GF!! xoxox

Jane said...

Eeek I LOVE your new look! It looks fantastic! I agree it hurts when you think you made a bloggy friend but they stop talking to you after they get something. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh the blog cliques...how I hate them! lol

Gentri said...

Huh... Maybe this makes me naive, but i haven't ever noticed the blog cliques. Sure, some bloggers connect and become close friends, but I've never noticed a clique.

I do love your blog concept of embracing the mess! Goodness knows I never wash my hair two days in a row!

Sara said...

I love this post! I was just talking to another blogger at London's FNO about how some of the "more popular" bloggers with very high visitor/reader numbers act like they're Angelina Jolie or something. I worked for a movie producer and I didn't hesitate to tell him what I thought about some of his casting choices, so I definitely would never hesitate to knock those girls down a few pegs! lol

The worst thing in the world for a new blogger is to feel unconfident about their blog. Know your voice and stick to it because even though you don't feel like you're "fitting in", there are plenty of people out there hanging on your every word! xx

Sunny Blonde Studio

Sarah said...

Oh i love this post! And i love your blog :)
Also, your blog header is soooooo pretty!! <3 <3


Katie said...

It is too bad that there are some negative things about blogging! thankfully there are lots of positives too like making friends!

Amber said...

You are so right about everything!! You are one of the very few bloggers with a lot of followers that actually replies back and keeps in touch and is relatable. I like how you keep it real, guuuurrrlll! MUAH!!!

Kate said...

Oh my, I laughed and said "mhmm" so many times while reading this, easpecially when you speak of cliques, that some bloggers think they're better and that we're all 1 community... no one's a celeb. Haha!! So true!!!!

Niken said...

i find myself nodding and nodding while reading this. that clique thing. sad, but true.

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

"bloggers are your community - not your competition" - I love that! So true. I really love blogging and all of the great women I've met as a result. But you're right, sometimes people seem to treat little bloggers (like me!) that we're not as important and that can be discouraging sometimes. Great post, Kelly! :)

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

Aw thanks for the advice...right now I am happy to have a small blog because I can't find the time to grow it, but I also love the advice about reaching out to others...like you :) and asking for help....which I actually have done and you're right everyone so far is happy to help. I am so happy to report I finally used Moroccan hair shampoo and conditioner and oil....I am liking it...my hair felt so soft :). Have a great day!!

Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck said...

Oh the blog cliques...so sad when I learned about that little hiccup. why oh why?? and agreed on those that only want to be there when it benefits them. they were small-time too once. sometimes I just want to search for some of their original posts and just call them out (but I won't cause I'm not that ballsy). lol ;)
and thanks to your Moroccan Oil Hair products giveaway that Nikki won and then posted about, I am hooked now too! So thank you for posting about it!! :) Happy Sunday to you!

Julie Marie said...

"bloggers are your community - not your competition" best quote ever in blog land. good to gain a little perspective now and then, right. love it girl. preach that. =)

Dani @ Wine Cheese and All The Things said...

I love everything about this post. All of it! Way to give some fantastic advice. As a newer blogger, things can definitely be intimidating, and it's hard trying to navigate the blog world sometimes. :)

Kate said...

What great advice, being a new blogger, or a big blogger, can be hard! Its nice to know bloggers who are open to helping new ones :)

Ashley said...

your advice is the truth!! I've found that unless you give no one wants to really participate. It's kind of sad really.

Taylor Grace said...

Good post! Although just like in high school I am
a. unaware of the cliques so
b. must not be in any of them lol!

Brie Bemis @ Sophistifunk said...

i love this post, all of it is SO true!
hope you're having a great weekend!

xo brie

Rachel said...

I know you're saying it's not true--but big bloggers do seem like celebrities to us newbies. Everyone seems to know their name and what they've posted lately. And of course we imagine that such celebrities are so busy with full time management of their blog and family...so yeah, it is scary to think of asking for help. But you have the right idea for sure--we're all the same, really. Just blogging and hopefully having fun with it!

My-cliffnotes said...

I'm pretty sure our blog clique is member only. (members being genuine bloggies who are fab)

Love this and you!

Erin said...

Love this post. I never realized coming into blogland would be so cliquey but it's so true. Girls never truly grow up do they.

Love seeing your journey through blogland. I remember you starting out just about a month before me and it has been amazing seeing how quickly your little messy land has grown!

Ashley McCardia said...

ahh I love this post!! xoxo

The Pink Growl said...

Great advice! Thank you for the shout outs - you're too sweet to me! I wish I could win the hair products giveaway again so I can have a HUGE supply, but I should let someone else win this time. It's only fair! :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

So true on cliques. Blogging should be fun and not a completion. It's a great way to meet others. As usual I love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...


Hailey Stoner said...

What a great post! As a new blogger its really nice to read things like this. Gives a little more confidence. So thank you! :)

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

loved reading this :)

The Sweetest Thing said...

You hit the spot


I really enjoy reading your posts! I think you have a great insight & I love how honest you are on topics!! To bad you live so far away from (San Diego) you'd be fun to hang with!! :)

Easton wife said...

Your awesome loved the advice!

aubrey kinch said...

Good stuff doll!
Have a great week!


Kelly said...

Awe! Logirl!ve this post girl! It's all about doing it how you want to and the friendships you make and fun you have blogging! As with anything there are bloggers who are a "stick in the mud" and ones who think they are better but the GOOD outweighs the bad thank goodness! You are just too cute girl!

Whitney@SomethingBroughtYouHere said...

Newest follower! :) Thanks so much for the advice. I am sort of a new blogger trying to grow my blog and this is helpful. Love your blog :)

Unknown said...

I so love this post - "Bloggers are your community, not your competition" = SO true!

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Erin James said...

So true that bloggers are a community! :)
Love your thoughts.

Aunie said...

i love learning these new things... and it's especially so cute how your mom called you out... what a lovely tribute... in a fun way :)

Unknown said...

You know, I thought you were cool before I read this post, but now I freaking love you! From the cliques, to people using other people, to little bloggers being fabulous. Love. It. All. Nice work :)

Alisa Marie said...

Love this post! Every single thing you wrote is so entirely true! And you're right blogging is a lot like high school and there are cliques! Great post!!

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